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We have moved to an automated system to reserve tennis court time. If you are new to the booking system please contact Candace at to register. If you have already registered with Candace please use the Tennis Court Bookings button to reserve your time.


For inquires and/or assistance please contact Candace Brinsmead at



The approved Strata Tennis Court rules are as follows:

1. No street shoes are allowed on courts. Only tennis shoes may be worn. 

2. One-hour time limit for singles and two hours for doubles. 

3. Gates must be closed at all times. 

4. All tennis court rules, regulations and courtesies shall be observed. 

5. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis only. No bicycles, skates, skateboards, in-line skates, hockey and/or other activities permitted.

6. No pets are allowed on courts. 

7. No private instructions and classes are allowed without written permission from the Outback Tennis Committee.

8. Courts are available to be booked at 9am for any time up to the end of the following day.

9. Sitting, pushing or pulling on tennis nets is prohibited. 

10. Climbing on, hitting or kicking balls into, or running into fences is prohibited. 

11. If ten minutes late for a booked time, the user(s) forfeit the court booking.

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